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About Metroplexity Metroplexity is a free browser roleplaying game set in the city of Metroplex in the near future. The city is a dark place, with corporations and gangs fighting for resources, leaving only scraps for the rest of society.

You are an enforcer and protector for one small corner of Metroplex. Your life and the entire city are about to be torn apart by strange circumstances surrounding the drug Eclipse. Are you ready?
Status Developing
What this Means: Metroplexity is playable and has been for years. However, we are constantly adding features and problems can be expected as things are added.

For more details, check out the Devblog.
Recent Updates September 21st, 2017 - Added a few requested cybernetic crafting recipes.
September 17th, 2017 - Have questions? Post them on the September podcast thread!
September 12th, 2017 - Another faction has made itself known at the Cellar Door.
September 7th, 2017 - A lot of cyberware can now be salvaged into its component parts.

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