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About the Game

Metroplexity is a browser-based roleplaying game focused on giving players freedom of choice. Multiple paths of advancement, interactive combat, and branching questlines are some of the ways this freedom plays out in game.

The game is set in Metroplex, a city of our own near future. Big guns, fast cars, cybernetics, and hacking are the signs of the times. However, a new street drug known as Eclipse has begun to disrupt the status quo. Rumors say that its users can walk into living dreams and bring things back from those dreams.

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Combat in Metroplexity is different from most online games. It has more in common with card games (traditional and collectible) than normal RPG mechanics.

When you enter combat, you will see your Techniques available. These represent all the possible maneuvers your character has available. You can choose any one of these as your action for the round.

However, you can also make longer chains of Techniques. Starting from that first attack, you can create a run (either ascending or descending). This can extend for as long as you have Techniques with the right numbers to continue the chain. For example if I had a Technique with a 1 available, I could continue this chain.

Some Techniques are more powerful under special conditions, particularly their position in a chain. It can definitely pay to read the information on your Techniques.

Your Techniques in combat are selected from a deck, which you can customize in game by visiting the Techniques link on the top menu. As you might imagine, your character will also learn many new Techniques during their journey.

Be careful when pruning your deck, though. Decks below fifteen cards will be bulked up with special 'Do Nothing' Techniques. You may also see this Technique if you've drawn all of the Techniques out of your deck. Once you've used every Technique in your deck, you've run out of options and have to flee.

If you're in combat with multiple opponents, you can click on a particular opponent to direct your Chain at them. The game will also automatically assign you a new target if the previous one dies.

If you are very unhappy with your hand, you can press the 'Strike' button without choosing any Techniques. This will give your opponents opportunity to attack, but will draw a new hand.

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Creating an Account

To create a Metroplexity account, head to this page.

We do require an email address, but this will only be used for account activation and password resets. We hate spammers just as much as you do.

We ask you only create one account per person and will ban any accounts we find violating this rule. If you have any questions about this or desire an exception for testing purposes, feel free to message Kinak (#1) in game.

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Energy, Hunger, and Body

Energy is the measure of how much you can do in one day in Metroplex. Every time you explore an area or take certain other actions, you expend some Energy.

Hunger and Body represent how much food you can eat and how much punishment your body can take, respectively. Consuming food (or drugs like caffeine) allows you to regain Energy at the expense of Hunger or Body. Other benefits are possible as well, particularly with Body. Cybernetics will also permanently reduce your Body.

Energy, Hunger, and Body are all refreshed at midnight GMT (7 PM Central).

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How Can I Help?

Honestly, just playing and reporting bugs you find is a huge help. We are still in beta testing and one of the important parts of that is to have people just playing and making sure everything works.

We also accept donations. There is more information on that at the donation page (Requires login so we know where to send the presents.)

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Open Chat

You can join chat in the right hand pane. Once you have joined, /? will list all the available commands. Three important ones are /join, /leave, and /exit.

/join enters one channel. For example /join open will connect you to the general chat channel. /leave will remove you from one channel. /exit removes you from chat entirely.

The rule for chat is very simple: don't create drama that the dev team must intervene in. It directly detracts from developing the game and will result in permanent bans.

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Reporting Bugs

Please report any bugs you find using the in game Bug Report feature (available off the top menu). We're happy to hear about even trivial things that aren't quite right like spelling or grammar.

If you have a problem creating an account or otherwise can't log in to report a bug, address an email to any address ending in (we will receive all of them).

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Skills are special abilities your character gains throughout their life. Which skills you gain are determined by the choices you make. Your choices in allies and actions will lead directly into some Skills and block off others.

Most skills are learned a bit off the beaten path. Some ways to find skills: stay in areas longer than you need to for the main quest, take on side quests, and keep your eyes open for books.

You can see your current skills from your character sheet (available by clicking your name in the left pane). Certain Skills can also be activated here, such as those only usable a few times a day.

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The best place to find out about updates is the Developer Blog. We will also try to post major updates to the front page.

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Is There a Wiki or Spoiler Site?

There is a community Wiki and related forum. Spoilers are welcome there, so you can find hints or leave hints for others if you end up figuring it out on your own.

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